On Saturday August 4th, 2012 a shark was caught at Mantoloking beach in New Jersey, arousing some nervousness among beach-goers which rapidly dissipated under the hypnosis of salt water and sunshine characteristic of the Jersey coast.

Less than three months later a monstrous storm called Sandy savaged that same beach and surrounding community with shark-like ferocity.
Sandy’s angry winds and waves devoured beachside housing, piers, and marinas, not only in Mantoloking, but for many miles in either direction, including New York City.
When it was over, the devastation left behind was staggering: $50-60 billion in property damage and business loss, and one hundred and ten lives lost, including two little boys swept away in Staten Island as their mother tried to flee the storm.

This book recounts the solemnity of these events with personal accounts of survival and endurance, garnished with stories of unselfishness and charity which impart hope for a brighter future.          


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